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Internet Librarian International 2008 Wiki






Translating 2.0 Technologies for Tangible Benefits & Transparency


The conference will take place from 16-17 October 2008 at the Novotel London West, London.


Anyone who'd like to add to the wiki should feel free to do so. You don't need to ask before making a change - this wiki belongs to all conference speakers and attendees. If you have information to share about London or the conference, please consider contributing to the wiki.


The tag for all blog posts, Flickr pics, etc. is going to be ILI2008. This will help everyone to keep track of what's going on at the conference through all of the social software media.


Photos courtesy of Simpologist, Pawan Kesari, vgm8383 and wallyg, Creative Commons License.


Wiki Topics






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Tracking the Conference


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